About the Sim

Podium 1 Ultimate Racing Simulator

Fully customizable to be built to the winners needs
- Triple 55" curved monitors
- Trakracer TR120 aluminum chassis
RECARO PRO Sim Star Racing Seat
- Asetek Forte GT3 / Formula Wheel
- GSI MAX 32 D style wheel with Asetek Quick Release
- HEUSINKVELD Ultimate 2 Pedal (Throttle and Clutch)
- Simucube Active Pedal for Brake
- BDH H1 H-pattern Shifter
- Heusinkveld E-Brake
- Dbox Motion System
- Logitech surround sound
Programable LED lighting system
- Custom built MSI gaming PC
- Nvidia RTX 4090
- 64GB DDR5 Ram
- i9 13th gen processor
- liquid cooled
Software loaded and preconfigured, peripherals are updated, configured, and buttons mapped
We will arrange shipping the simulator to the winner - and will direct deposit your $15,000 cash!
Every $5 spent on our site gets you entered for a chance to win.
Eligible for residents of USA, Canada (excluding Quebec), United Kingdom, New Zealand, Finland, France and Switzerland!
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