Q: Can you send me free stickers?

A: As much as we would love to send each and every LZ fan a big pack of stickers, we simply cannot afford it. Our stickers are expensive to produce since they are hand-made from die cut vinyl right here in Central Florida.

Q: How do I put my stickers on?

A: Carefully peel the clear transfer tape ensuring that the sticker is lifted from the white wax paper. If it does not come up, rub it on a table with a credit card and try again. Place the sticker on something, rub it on hard, then remove the clear tape. If that sounds confusing, check this article out - http://diecutstickers.com/apply/

Q: Do you ship to my country?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide.

Q: How much will shipping cost?

A: You can actually calculate it in your cart! There is a little gray button that says "Estimate Shipping & Tax" - it's kind of hard to find.

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: We do our best to get all orders shipped out of our warehouse within 2 business days. Keep in mind if you order on a Friday after 4:30PM EST, your order may not go out until Monday. During new product drops or periods when we experience high order volume there may be an additional delay, but we do our best to communicate it with you. Generally, domestic orders arrive in 2-5 business days after being marked as shipped, and international orders vary from 7-21 business days with an average of two weeks. 

Q: Can you sign something in my order?

A: Yes, we can, but understand that this may put a significant delay on your order. We all aren't always at the warehouse, so it may take anywhere from  5-15 days for your order to be signed and shipped out. If you 100% want it signed, make sure to ask in the comments section of the order and say that you want us to "HOLD FOR XXXX TO SIGN". During a period where let's say Adam is away, if it doesn't ask us to hold it we may ship it out instead of holding them and confusing/upsetting a bunch of customers.

Q: I got an e-mail saying I still need to complete my order, but my bank has been charged. What's going on?

A: We have an automated system that notifies our customers when they've left items in their cart. If you checkout, but still have items in your cart, you will receive an e-mail like this. You can unsubscribe from them, or simply remove the items from your cart. Also note, if your bank has been charged then we have received your order.

Q: My order says "Awaiting Fulfillment" - what's going on?

A: That means your order has been received. Once we have printed out your order to have it packed the status will change to "Awaiting Shipment" then once the order is shipped the status will be changed to "Shipped".

Q: I can't find my tracking number - can you send it to me?

A: Of course we can, but it may take us longer to respond than it will for you to find it. If you have a different e-mail address registered with your PayPal account, check that e-mail as that's where the tracking will be sent to.

Q: Can I return my order for a full refund or exchange an item?

A: Yes! As long as the product is in new condition and un-worn can ship it back to us for a refund or exchange. Please ship the products back to the following address along with a note explaining the exchange. Once we receive the return, we will have the exchange shipped out to you or fulfill a full refund!  If you have any questions regarding a return,  please email info@lzmfg.com. 

521 S Econ Circle
Suite 1009
Oviedo, FL 32765 


Q: Can you sponsor me?

A: Sorry, we don't really sponsor. Our "team" is more a group of friends than anything. It doesn't really matter how good you are or how many followers you have, we're all about personality and friendship. And that's super hard to see through an e-mail.

Q: Can I have a shout-out?

A: As much as we would love to shout-out each and every one of you, no one would want to watch a video that is an hour long of listing peoples names. Sorry!

Q: How do I track my FedEx International package? 

A: For orders that are shipped via FedEx International Mailing Service, there is a different website that you will use to track your package. We've provided the link for the website below! 


Q: Why didn't I receive my BC Racing Coils with my LZ x BC Racing Tee? 

A: When you order BC Racing Coilovers through our website, we ship the shirt to you from our warehouse while BC Racing ships the coilovers to you from their warehouse. 

Q: Can I return my coilovers for a refund?

A: BC ships out all of their coilovers directly from their warehouse and handle returns in a case by case basis. If you’d like to return your kit for a refund or exchange, just reach out to us and we can contact BC to see how they’d like to handle the return process!



Due to the nature of sweepstakes we cannot accept returns for refunds during sweepstakes periods. We can however exchange your item for a different size if the size requested is available.