Windshield Banner Instructions

Whats in the box:

  • 1 - 55x12" pre-cut 3M wrap vinyl banner in your choice of color
  • 2 - Decals in the logo and color of your choice


What you will need:

  • Window Cleaner 
  • Microfiber Towel
  • Squeegee (or credit car)
  • Painters Tape
  • Razor Blade 
  • Measuring Tape
  • Magnets (optional) 

How To Install Your Custom Windshield Banner

1.) Prep the car for install

First thing you will want to do is prep the glass for install. Clean the windshield of all debris to be sure nothing ends up getting stuck under the vinyl material. Using glass cleaner and your microfiber towel, thoroughly clean any dirt or dust from the windshield. Even the smallest speck of dust will show through the vinyl and look some-what like an air bubble. 


2.) Find the center point

Before you place the material on the car you will want to find the center point of your windshield. For most vehicles the rear view mirror is placed in the center point of the windshield, but every vehicle is different. First measure the placement of the factory markings just to be sure they are in fact the center. Place your logo decal (with backing still on) on the window to decide how low you'd like the logo to be placed. In this example I chose to place the banner at the AS1 line printed on the glass. Depending on the size of the window and personal preference you may want more or less banner showing than what's in this example. Some vehicles will have small lines and arrows printed on the glass showing where window tint or banners should not exceed on the windshield. For this 2007 350z it was 6.75 inches from the top seal. Thats about how deep I'd like the banner to go down the windshield.



*Please note that different states have different laws on what and how much material can be on the front windshield so please check your local laws before purchasing a windshield banner.*

Find the center and the drop distance and mark it with tape in a perpendicular shape so you have a horizontal and vertical line of reference.


Take a second to study the seal of the window, picturing where you will place the blade before you lay material over it and can no longer see the seal itself. 

3.) Measure Twice Cut Once 

Next, you will want to go ahead and lay the banner (with paper backing still applied) on the windshield to start eyeing up the position of the banner. Do your best to have the same amount of excess material on both sides. It does not have to be perfect as these banners are meant to be a one size fits most so you should have plenty of excess material protruding past the window seals on both sides. 


I use magnets to hold the banner in place but give me the ability to make minor adjustments to how much material was hanging off each side. Once it looks nearly centered start measuring the distance from the corner of the windshield to the bottom of your banner. Push your finger into the material to feel where the seal meets the glass.


Once the measurements match up on both sides, use some tape to fully secure the banner in place to ensure the wind or any other disturbance doesn't effect the placement. 

4.) Place Half of the Banner on the Glass

Your banner should have a pre cut line on the back of the backing paper. If you see a slight indentation on the banner itself from the pre cut line you will not see this line once the banner is applied and had time to settle on the glass. With one half of your banner fully secured lift the other side off of the windshield and remove the paper backing. Slowly peel the paper back ensuring that the vinyl material does not fold over on itself, if it does slowly peel the material apart from itself.


Once the paper has been removed start laying the banner down from center point making your way to the edge of the glass. Along the way use a squeegee (wrapped in a microfiber towel) to maintain a straight vertical line while moving horizontally towards the edge of the glass. *A bare plastic squeegee will scratch the material so be sure to keep the tool wrapped in a microfiber towel during installation*


Take your time with this portion, patience is key. This material is surprisingly forgiving so if you start to see a major crease forming simply lift the material off the glass and re-squeegee that portion until the even vertical line is retained. Many of the air bubbles will squeeze out as you make more passes across the glass. This material has tiny air holes throughout so as long as the crease is not folded over itself the air bubbles will squeeze out. 

Move the squeegee in a vertical direction once the banner is laid across the window, pushing towards the top seal and bottom of the banner creating as tight of a seal of the material to the window seal as possible. This will make cutting the excess off much easier later. Make your way towards the corner of the windshield and do your best to push as much air out at the corners. 


I used the more fine edge of the squeegee (without the towel) to create a tighter seal at the edge but be careful not to drag the bare squeegee on the material as you will see scratches form immediately.

5.) Repeat on the Opposite side

This side will be slightly easier as the banner is less likely to move since the line has already been established by the first half. Start from the center again and make your way towards the side of the windshield, maintaining a vertical line along the way. 

Once both sides are laid down look at the banner from all angles to ensure all of the air bubbles have been pressed out. if you come across one that you cant seem to get out don't be afraid to lift the material back off the glass and re-squeegee from that point. Depending on the color ordered the material may be slightly thinner and more susceptible to stretching which will alter the line established by the placement of the first half. Be careful not to pull on the material too much.

Run the squeegee around the entire perimeter of the banner to ensure a tight fit up against the window seal.


6.) Remove the Excess Material

Razor blades will not cut or scratch glass so you will be able to run the blade directly on the glass to remove excess material. You want to find out where your seal meets the glass and do your best to either run the blade slightly under the seal or lightly press against the glass where the seal meets ensuring your aren't damaging the seal of your window. Typically a faster more steady cut leads to a smother, less jagged line. Moving too slowly may lead to a more rough cut line. 


Depending on the vehicle you may have a more defined seal or window line, some windows even have a small gutter between the glass and seal that makes running the blade against the glass even easier.

I prefer to start on the sides and move towards the corners then ill move to the top of the windshield. After the sides and top has been cut I like to cut the corners last to ensure everywhere else is properly placed. Use the squeegee to push and last minute creases or bubbles out. 


Take a step back and appreciate that placement. Don't remove that center tape line!


7.) Place the Logo Decal on the Banner 

The final step is to place the included logo decal on the banner. You should have received two logo decals in your order so you have a backup if you misplace the first one or you have the option to layer them or even try one logo out and swap it out for another. 

The placement of the sticker is very similar to the banner. 

Use the center tape left on your windshield to center the logo on the banner. Tape the logo in place and take a few measurements of the decal to ensure its centered. 


For this installation I measure the distance of the bottom of the G to the banner line and then the bottom of the L to the banner line. This ensures thatthe logo is level with the banner line. 


Fold the logo back just like you did the banner and remove the paper backing off of one half, taking the transfer tape and colored decal with you. If the logo wont come off of the paper backing with the transfer tape, lay the logo back onto the paper and re-squeegee the logo and transfer tape. Apply pressure to ensure the tape has bonded to the logo material. Squeegee from the center towards the edge of the window. Remove as many air bubbles from the transfer tape as possible. Repeat for the other side. 


Once the logo is laid flat continue to squeegee the air bubbles out of the transfer tape and slowly begin peeling the transfer tape off of the banner. Keeping the tape as close to the glass and almost rolling the tape back will ensure no letters stay on the tape upon removal. if letters begin to peel up try laying the tape back down and squeegee that portion again to create more contact with the banner on the glass.


Once the transfer tape is removed remove any leftover painters tape and take a step back to make sure you are happy with your logo choice and placement, if you aren't try again with the second one in your shipment :)