Heatwave Lazer Face Sunglasses: Hydroshock Grey Z87

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Rolling in like an unstoppable storm - This is the Gray Hydroshock collection; spread across our best-sellers.

The Hydroshock is built up with a storm grey frame, black lenses and black highlights. On the arms you will find the Hydroshock graphic on an emblemless arm.

These are part of a new series of unique Heat Wave collections, featuring color treatments and graphic combinations most of which have never before been offered in the Heat Wave lineup. These are all formulated from the ground up for something that stands out and remains fresh.

Now choose to add ANSI Z87+ compliant removeable side shields for only $10!

Heat Wave is extremely proud to introduce the latest in Highly Visual™ technology: The Lazer Face. An ultimate statement piece for those who seek to build their own future. Utilizing a single cut lens structurally supported by a durable composite sub-frame, the Lazer Face melds state-of-the-art eyewear technology with the futuristic visions of our youth.

Custom stainless steel hardware firmly secures a 2.0mm thick, shatter-resistant lens that meets ANSI Z.87 Mass Impact requirements to the sturdy polycarbonate subframe. Each Lazer Face lens offers complete UVA/UVB 400 protection - paired with its increased wrap around field of vision, the Lazer Face gives you unparalleled clarity and protection from the elements and more.


-Meets ANSI Z87 mass impact requirements*
-Includes Microfiber bag
-Matte Black frames & metal inlay logos