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BR SERIES: Perfect for street driving and occasional road course or autocross duty. Easy to adjust height as well 30 levels of damping (compression and rebound). Each set comes with pillow ball mounts to provide the most feedback possible from the suspension and to sharpen steering response. The BR series is a strong, attractive coilover system at a very reasonable price.

DS SERIES (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED): The addition of a digressive piston offers increased damping force at low piston velocities while maintaining a linear damper feel at high piston velocities. To make it very simple: Your car will feel stiff and responsive all the times you want it to (steering, braking, acceleration), but will absorb big bumps much better! Less bouncing around in your seat as a daily driver and less loss of contact on the track.

LZ SPECIAL (CUSTOM DS SERIES): Want the exact same suspension setup as the cream s13? With longer stroke and slightly softer spring rates this setup will be ideal for any medium power drift car or even daily driver. This setup allows slightly more grip in drift enabling you to put the car exactly where you want it to go. It’s an extremely comfortable setup driving around town, gripping on a mountain road/track, and of course drifting. IF YOU WANT THE SAME SETUP BE SURE TO SELECT DS SERIES. PLEASE NOTE: CUSTOM COILOVER BUILDS WILL TAKE 6-9 WEEKS TO BE BUILT AS NOT ALL PARTS ARE READILY AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT.

BC Racing shipments require a signature upon delivery. Please ensure that someone is available at the delivery address on the day of delivery to accept the shipment from the courier.

CUSTOM: BC offers custom spring rates, custom stroke, custom valving, as well as a swift spring upgrade upon request. There is a "drift spec" setup for most common platforms which would be similar to the "LZ Special", but for different applications. Remember if you have an engine swap that changes the weight balance of your car you should do custom suspension to account for the added/lessened weight - and we can help!

BC ONLY MAKES CUSTOM COILOVERS FOR THE CARS LISTED ABOVE - IF BC DOESN'T MAKE COILOVERS FOR YOUR CAR THEY CANNOT CREATE CUSTOM ONES FOR YOU. If you want to order a custom setup or need help figuring out a suspension setup for your project feel free to reach out to us with the contact form and we can help you or connect you with someone else who can. If BC makes it, we can get it.   Standard spring rates are configured based upon the weight of your car and your intended street/light track use. If you have an abnormal setup or a dedicated track car do not hesitate to reach out for a custom build.  

Stock spring rates for each kit are subject to change based on availability at BC. 

PLEASE NOTE: CUSTOM COILOVERS AND KITS THAT ARE OUT OF STOCK WILL TAKE 6-9 WEEKS TO BE BUILT AS NOT ALL PARTS ARE READILY AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT. Product photos are generic Only available in above listed countries Free shipping in the continental USA Comes with free BC x LZ collaboration T-shirt. Coilovers are shipped directly from BC Racing HQ - all other items in your cart (including the LZ x BC Collab Tee) will be shipped separately.

All coilovers are shipped with the same shipping service from BC. The shipping service you are selecting above is for the free shirt that comes with the purchase of coils. 

BC ships out all of their coilovers directly from their warehouse and handle returns in a case by case basis. If you’d like to return your kit for a refund or exchange, just reach out to us and we can contact BC to see how they’d like to handle the return process!

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