Obsessed Garage Drying Aid

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This 32oz bottle of fun is designed to be used on the last step of your car washing process - when you’re drying your vehicle. What you’re ultimately doing with any drying aid solution is adding lubrication and protection to your paint.

Unlike competitors - this final step won't leave streaks or spotting - just nice slickness and gloss on your paint.

Our 365 microfibers are a great pair to OG Drying Aid.





Shake Well

Wash your vehicle and don’t use it on hot panels. You can use this on wet or dry surfaces. Spray it on your vehicle in small areas and work it in with your favorite microfiber drying towel. Make sure to not let it dry on the panel. Then wipe with a second clean towel.

Can be used on Glass, Paint, and trim.



- Sprayable cross-linking polymer sealant
- Odorless and dye-free
- Surfactant-free
- Leaves surface extremely hydrophobic and slick
- Highly chemically resistant
- Works on all exterior surfaces
- Extremely easy to apply - essentially streak-free
- Can be applied on top of all types of protection from waxes and sealants to ceramic coatings.
- Can be applied on a wet or dry surface
- Protection lasts about two months based on our testing
- Non-hazardous


Please keep in mind: Drying aid will freeze! Please keep that in mind when getting it shipped to you if you live somewhere cold, and consider ordering when the temperatures are warmer.