2024 Formula Drift Team Tee

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Slide into the pit crew with the 2024 Formula Drift Team Tee, your backstage pass to looking like part of an elite drift team.

This isn’t just any t-shirt; it’s your team jersey, a carbon copy of what the pros wear as they wrench on engines and lay down laps that make the crowd roar.

Crafted from breathable 100% cotton, it’s a shirt that looks cool and keeps you cooler, even as the drift action heats up. The LZMFG logo up front? That's your drift cred. The sponsor roll call on the back? That's your conversation starter.

Wearing this tee, you’re not just repping the drift scene; you’re practically part of the crew. And because no pit stop is complete without some freebies, you’ll score a set of LZMFG stickers to make anything you own part of the LZ fleet.

Ready to rock the same threads as the drifting pros? Grab the 2024 Formula Drift Team Tee and wear the thrill of the race day, every day. No helmet necessary, but prepare to turn heads like a tires on tarmac.

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