Brilliant Finish Synthetic Clay

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Brilliant Finish Synthetic Clay Claying is that next level move, that deeper clean that becomes plain to see as you buff your paint to a rich, retina-piercing shine. Unique clay/polymer matrix removes impurities faster than clay bars Can use Speed Shine® or wash water as a lubricant Lasts longer, preps up to 24 cars, 3 times more than traditional clay Unlike traditional clay, if dropped simply rinse clean and continue Works great on glass Comfortable foam grip is easier to hold and use than clay bar Brilliant Finish Synthetic Clay cuts faster than clay bars thanks to the texture and synthetic make-up of the clay/polymer matrix. A traditional clay bar has only one leading edge to remove contaminants on initial contact. It's blunt. The diamond pattern found in Synthetic Clay's clay/polymer matrix creates more edges and more opportunities to remove stubborn contaminants. The comfortable foam palm pad creates less hand fatigue and is much more maneuverable than clay bars, a win-win for detail-minded enthusiasts everywhere.