G35 Turbine Housing Kit O/v T3 / V-band 1.01 A/r (Std. Rotation)

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G35 Turbine Housing Kit O/V T3 / V-Band 1.01 A/R (Standard Rotation)

G35-900 Standard Rotation Supercore PN Turbine Kit PN A/R Inlet Outlet Wastegate Divided
880695-5001S 740902-0108 1.06 T4 V-Band Free Float Y
740902-0106 0.83 T3 V-band Free Float N
740902-0107 1.01 T3 V-band Free Float N
740902-0102 0.61 V-Band V-band Free Float N
740902-0103 0.83 V-Band V-band Free Float N
740902-0104 1.01 V-Band V-band Free Float N
740902-0105 1.21 V-Band V-band Free Float N


All G Series Turbine housings are made from stainless steel to provide ultimate durability and temperature resistance up 1050 degrees C.
Internally wastegated housings are compact, efficient, and designed with maximum bypass port size to reduce boost creep and provide better boost control.
Turbine housings are available in a variety of wastegated and non-wastegated, open volute, T25 and Vband configurations so be sure to order the correct part for your application.

Part Number: 740902-0107