Heatwave Future Tech Photochromic Sunglasses: Vapor Clear Frame

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Vapor Clear Frame Photochromic Lens Z87+

-Our best-selling Future Tech with wizard-like photochromic lenses. These adaptive lenses to adjust from a clear to dark tint depending on the light intensity in your environment.

-These Future Tech feature Variable Tint Photochromic with a VLT range of 78-14%

-The Future Tech is the future of high-speed performance. Aggressive, loud and innovative beyond any pair of sunglasses before them. The Future Tech incorporates a multitude of cutting-edge features that compliments its overall futuristic design that enables them to stand on their own in the performance and safety category.

-Features include 1.9mm thick lenses, with side shield protection for a package that meets Z87+ standards out of the box. Hytrel® touch points on the nose and arms allow for a comfortable all-day fit that grips and stays in place.

-Not only was the Future Tech was designed to give you a dominatingly bold look, but it comes paired with unparalleled functionality. Each pair meets or exceeds Z87+ Standards right out the box.

-Our lens is injection molded from thick 1.9mm shatter-resistant polycarbonate that is built to withstand Z87 Mass Impact Standards.

-Integrated side-shields provide lateral protection and allow the frame to meet ANSI Z87+ requirements.

-Each pair of Future Tech is boldly marked Z87+ on the frame, arm and lens.

-Disclaimer: Removing arms, and or changing configuration in any way voids Z87 compliance.