Heatwave MXG-250 MOTOSPORT GOGGLE - Turbo

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The most requested Heat Wave product EVER is here – The Goggle.

Introducing the MXG-250, Heat Wave's FIRST motosport goggle. Developed from the ground up in Heat Wave's signature style where form and function collide.

Designed with purpose, and premium materials the MXG-250 comes with an authentic presence as the gate drops for our first moto in the dirt world.

2mm thick optically clear, impact resistant injected lens

Interior anti-fog coated lenses

Includes EXTRA clear lens

Triple layer foam for max comfort + sweat absorption

XL 50mm wide Strap with bold branding

Patented RAM-JET forward facing vent system for moisture control

Triple post tear off support for Racing Optics® 7 Layer Laminated system

On the face of the MXG-250, you will find 4 Ram-JET forward facing vents, a patented system that promotes airflow to the interior to move air around, and cool things down. Moving air aids in reducing temperatures, and helps speed up evaporation.

We know the importance of clear vision - That is why we have equipped the MXG-250 with triple post tear off support. Not only that, but we have teamed up with the best in the industry; RACING OPTICS® to use their patented 7-layer laminated tear-off system, custom fit to the HEAT WAVE MXG-250 to clear the way with a flick of the wrist.

For our intro into the MX goggle realm we did it the same way we do everything - From scratch. We developed the MXG-250 from the ground up with purpose - To have genuinely good, offering in the moto space. The end result is a goggle that melds form and function in a race-ready package that is unmistakably a Heat Wave product.

The MXG-250 comes out of the gate hooked-up featuring premium materials and craftsmanship with top-tier fit and finish. Things such as impact resistant, optically correct injected lenses with anti-fog coatings, and triple layer foams are all a gold standard for our first moto.

The MXG-250 features a glove-like fit with a tighter eye port arc that boasts an Extra-Large FOV without looking alien, in turn offering a clean bespoke-like fit with the most popular helmet designs and shapes.

The most noticeable piece of the MXG-250 is an extra-wide 50mm adjustable elastic strap with the HEATWAVE Billboard embossed on top.