LZMFG Drift Kit (Metric Bolt Kit)

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We custom-tailored this kit around the bolts/nuts we use most - and included zip-ties and dykes because you can always use more. All bolts/nuts are metric and flanged - no SAE junk you'll never use.

Keep it in your trailer, your garage, or even the back of your car. It will definitely come in handy. Save yourself a trip to the hardware store - and hundreds of dollars with this comprehensive kit of high quality bolts.

668 Piece Kit

30PCS - 4" Zip Ties

30PCS - 5.7" Zip Ties

30PCS - 7.6" Zip Ties


Bolt Sizes:

 - 35 PCS M5-0.8X10

 - 28 PCS M5-0.8x16

 - 25PCS M5-0.8X20

 - 21PCS M5-0.8X25

 - 25PCS M6-1.0X10

 - 18PCS M6-1.0X20

 - 14PCS M6-1.0X25

 - 13PCS M6-1.0X30

 - 12PCS M8-1.25X16

 - 8PCS M8-1.25X20

 - 7PCS M8-1.25X30

 - 6PCS M8-1.25X40

 - 6PCS M10-1.5X20

 - 6PCS M10-1.5X25

 - 6PCS M10-1.5X30

 - 6PCS M10-1.5X40

Flange Nut/Washer Sizes:
80 PCS M5-0.8
  - 50 PCS M6-1.0
  - 25 PCS M8-1.25
  - 16 PCS M10-1.5








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